Kleva’s decision to expand outside Greece was taken in 1999.

Since 2012 Kleva has won the trust of more than 50 customers across 30 countries around the globe covering Europe, Canada, Middle-East, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and CIS markets. Our product basket offers more than 200 Formulations covering the majority of therapeutic categories.

For each product and market we develop a specific go-to-market strategy, choosing the appropriate model of operation, whether that involves distribution and licensing agreements or sale of marketing authorization and dossiers, technology transfer or co-development. Supporting our clients on the regulatory, commercial and logistic levels, we make sure that agreements translate into revenues and long-term partnerships.

Focusing mainly on Pharmaceuticals, the company offers a flexible, fully scalable, qualitative and cost effective product development in a wide range of dosage forms, we register and export our products to a number of regulated and non regulated markets around the world. Today Kleva owns 190 marketing authorizations in countries in Europe, Asia , Oceania and Africa and exports a total of 80 products to markets in these countries.

We continue to work towards establishing successful alliances and becoming the partner of choice for innovative and branded generics worldwide.
In order to achieve this, the goal of our International Business Department is to explore all possible collaborations related to Kleva’s products through flexible business models and always supported by Kleva’s departments of R&D, Production, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.


/ East Europe

• United Kingdom
• Malta
• Cyprus
• Italy
• Croatia
• Albania
• Kosovo
• Ukraine
• Czech Republic
• Slovakia
• CIS Countries
• Fyrom
• Ireland

Middle East
/ Africa

• Algeria
• Libya
• Egypt
• South Africa
• Israel
• Jordan
• Lebanon
• Yemen
• Iraq
• Iran


• Hong Kong
• Singapore
• Taiwan
• Malaysia
• Vietnam
• Philippines


• Canada


• Australia
• New Zealand

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